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Silicoderm, a pharmaceutical laboratory focused on creating ingredients and formulas applied to skin care and human well-being, with more than 40 years' experience in the formulation of cosmeceutical and dermocosmetic products.

We have spent a lifetime in contact with the skin to know it in depth and to develop a whole range of treatments for the beauty, care and health of the skin.

Today we are a benchmark in the study and application of the latest scientific formulations and customised solutions.

Because every skin, like every person, is unique.

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We have been travelling around the world since 1978 in search of the best solutions for the skin.

We have spent a lifetime in contact with the skin to know it in depth and to develop a whole range of treatments for the beauty, care and health of the skin.

We are defined by an open-minded culture in everything we do. Through our curiosity and audacity, we have been able to discover the best of science and apply it to cosmeceuticals, being at the forefront in the use of new technologies for the formulation of skin solutions.

A creative and innovative team that has focused on cutting-edge research since our inception. Our history is one of constant experimentation with our own ingredients and the application of new active ingredients of proven efficacy, which allow us to achieve visible results in the health and beauty of the skin.

The history of Amifar Labs is the sum of innovation in the business model and in research. A journey through science, with avant-garde zeal, and a commitment to expand frontiers and conquer new challenges in the beauty market.

We are a company in constant growth, with a new management team focused on international expansion, brand diversification in the pharmaceutical and medical channels, with an ambitious strategic plan that, in addition to incorporating new partners and investment funds, allows us to reach new international markets and develop new cosmeceutical brands.


1978: Alain Ganancia from Paris founds Alain Cosmetics in Granada. A high-end cosmetics company for professional centres and beauty clinics. Its products become known for their efficacy due to the high concentration of quality active ingredients.

2016: Lunch SISBELA Cosmetics, a revolution in the Spanish skincare market, accessible to everyone. A range of firming and anti-ageing products formulated to provide firmness, radiance and prevent the signs of ageing.

2017: BIMAIO Cosmetics is born, a jewel of a pharmacy line that combines high quality active ingredients, exclusive complexes and cosmetic technology to offer the best treatments.

2018: Creates AVERAC Cosmetic, a new brand to care for skin health, improve the beauty routine, prevent the signs of ageing and provide firmness and radiance.

2019: The Spanish laboratory creates its innovation platform, an R&D&I centre for study, research, dedicated to the design, production and commercialisation of innovative active ingredients with biological activity at dermo-cosmetic level.

2020: Internationalisation of the company, a turning point in our laboratories that allows us to reach new distribution channels and increase our international presence. Products can be found in France, China, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru... 2021: Major advances in R&D&I technological platforms through the development of projects with the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with the aim of promoting technological development, innovation and quality research as well as the development of a new technological strategy based on biomimicry as a source of natural, environmentally friendly photoprotectors.

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Our commitment is to improve people's well-being through science and knowledge to develop products that improve skin health.

We understand the skin as a means of connection but also as the main protective barrier of our body that requires attention and care. For this reason, we are committed to working with the support of the scientific community and we address the dermatological reality from all areas of knowledge: we want to prevent, treat and cure.

We seek the best solutions based on our cosmeceutical vocation and rigorous experience to offer you the most proven formulations and latest-generation active ingredients for each stage of the skin's life.

We grow as professionals without losing our transgressive identity and with the recognised prestige of our products to offer the answers that your skin needs at every step, being aware of the constant evolution of pharmaceutical research and cosmetic approaches.

We work to be by your side at important moments in the skin's life cycle with cosmetic care and personalised products.

We want to put ourselves in your skin and get to know you through contact with it. And make our expertise visible to you.

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Our formulas are characterised by the synergy between their components.

We create formulas in which a combination of ingredients is more effective than their individual components alone. We seek to create cosmeceutical products with combined active ingredients that enhance their power of action to provides results in skin health.

Inspired by nature, backed by science.

Nature is our main source of inspiration and present and future research. In it we find components whose study allows us to develop solutions in which each of their active ingredients complement each other to reinforce their efficacy, thanks to the most advanced biotechnology.

In contact with you.

Years of research and development of new formulas, the permanent contact with people and the environment, allow us to anticipate the needs and challenges faced by the skin. This allows us to stay at the forefront of the beauty industry with proposals for new treatments that protect you from the passage of time, damage caused by pollution, stress, solar radiation and other factors that can negatively affect your skin.

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As a laboratory, we encourage the people in our team to believe in their inspiration with a different perspective so that they can take new paths and discover different and effective solutions. We represent the sum of their values.


Sensitivity arising from talent, courage and overcoming new barriers.


An exciting outlook on the future and its infinite possibilities.


Commitment to the rigour of science and respect for the professionalism of the method and people.

Our know-how over the years is combined with the ability we have acquired to adapt and go through the whole tree of science branch by branch.

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Commitment to our environment is one of Silicoderm main lines of action, especially when it comes to helping the most vulnerable people or groups. We promote different projects and initiatives to alleviate these social differences.


The latest military conflict in Ukraine has caused an impact on everyone. At Silicoderm, we wanted to do our bit to help all those families whose lives have changed dramatically in a matter of days, so we have sent a fleet of buses loaded with essentials needed in Ukraine, such as medicines, nappies, perishable food, clothes and even mats to make makeshift beds and give shelter to all the refugees. This remarkable work was carried out over three days and was financed entirely by Carlos Fuentes, CEO and founder. This journey began in Spain and ended in Przemysl, on the border between Ukraine and Poland, where all the aid sent was delivered and 55 refugees were picked up and brought to Spain, where they will remain until the war conflict ends. No amount of help we can give them is too little, but they receive every gesture with open arms and are grateful for everything as the best gift they could be given.

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